‘Do not mess with transgender women!’ says group who caught thief – ASEAN/East Asia


PETALING JAYA: Do not mess with transgenders, that is what a group of waria – the Indonesian term for transgender women – said after a video of them catching a thief in Jakarta went viral.

The Star’s Malay-language portal mStar reported that the seven-minute footage shows a group of transgender women surrounding a shirtless man, who is begging the group for mercy.

“Don’t you dare cry! You have to be responsible and do not mess with ‘waria!’” one of the transgender women warns.

A police car later arrived at the scene and one of the transgender women recorded them heading to a police station in Puri Kembangan, West Jakarta.

The policeman who responded to the call seemed amused by their behaviour.

According to Indonesian portal Tribun, the group was at their usual place, allegedly soliciting clients for sexual services, when the suspect approached them.

A struggle ensued when the suspect snatched a mobile phone from one of the transgender women and tried to flee.

“He enquired about the service fee and then ran but we caught him,” Tribun quoted a transgender woman as saying.

The group unbuttoned the suspect’s shirt and started discussing whether they should beat him up.

In the end, they decided to hand him over to the police instead of resorting to violence.


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