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Square Enix has gone full circle with its hit RPG Final Fantasy XV, announcing that the Pocket Edition meant for mobile devices will now be available on consoles. 

The game, which goes by the full title Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD, is available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for US$29.99 (RM124.32).

As part of the launch promo, the game is available for 40% off at US$17.99 (RM74.57) until Sept 14.

Unlike most mobile ports of console games, Final Fantasy XV‘s Pocket Edition was given a significant make over in terms of the graphics and gameplay mechanics, making it easier to play without a console’s control pad and much smaller in terms of file size.

The Pocket Edition is also cheaper than the original console version, which is priced at US$$49.99 (RM207.22) on Sony’s website and RM219 on Steam for the Windows edition.

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