Give Zahid time to fix party ills, info chief tells Umno members


Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi should be given the time and space to address the various issues currently plaguing the party, said party information chief Mohd Shahar Abdullah.

As such, the last thing Zahid needs is having party members publicly voice out their grievances, said the Paya Besar MP in a statement.

Shahar was referring to Batu Pahat Umno chief Mohd Puad Zarkashi’s ticking off of Zahid for supposedly failing to provide direction to Umno members after being elected president recently.

“As an Umno member, I respect Puad’s query about the party’s direction, as he has the right to know. However, I urge him to have the heart to understand that efforts are being made to revive the party’s spirit and not muddle things further with his statements.

“Puad should understand that leading a party which finds itself in the opposition side after 61 years of being the ruling party is no easy task and needs a high level of commitment.

“Give a chance to Zahid, who has only led the party for 19 days, to deal with the various issues faced by the party in his own way,” urged Shahar.

The fact that Umno’s accounts were still frozen by MACC further complicated the situation, he pointed out.

“I believe Zahid had never strayed from the basic struggle of Umno. It’s just that this time it needs a different and a more inclusive approach.

“So let us all together handle party-related matters with more civility and not by washing dirty linen in public as the people are watching our every move,” he said.

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