Google drops its cloud pricing as part of rebranding to Google One – Tech News


Google is rebranding its remote storage services with partially lower pricing and a new function that lets families share access to one collective cloud account.

Users of Google Drive in the United States have already begun using the cloud service under its new name, Google One, while the rollout is set to follow in other countries around the world in the coming weeks.

While Google hasn’t made its new pricing public yet, the company confirmed that for €9.99 (RM47.50) month in Europe, users would get 2 TB of storage instead of the previous 1 TB available for that price. 200 TB cost €2.99 (RM14.21) and 100 TB €1.99 (RM9.46), the company said.

Google One also introduces a feature that lets families share access to the same cloud subscription. – dpa

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