Hamas leaders meet Dr M to convey situation in Palestine


Khalid Meshaal, former chairperson of Hamas (the Islamic Resistance Movement of Palestine), today met with Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad to convey the situation and struggles in Palestine.

A delegation of eight Hamas leaders led by Khalid, had a discussion with Mahathir which lasted for about an hour.

Met by reporters after the meeting, Khalid said Hamas thanked Mahathir for the warm welcome accorded to his delegation and also conveyed gratitude to the prime minister for his continuous stand together with Palestinians to end Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

“Israeli aggression on Jerusalem and their practices to transform the identity of the holy city of Jerusalem and what the Gaza people are suffering from regular Israeli aggression, attacks, starvation and blockades,” he said.

Khalid (photo) said Hamas also expressed its hopes that Mahathir, as a senior leader of the Muslim Ummah (global Muslim community), would play a role in ending the aggression against the Palestinian people, especially in the Gaza Strip.

“We also spoke about America’s ‘deal of the century’ aimed to end the Palestinian struggle and settle the Palestinian issue unfairly,” he added.

He claimed that the economic part of the “deal of the century” peace plan to be announced in Bahrain next month was aimed to divert attention from the real cause in Palestine.

Khalid said it was also a good opportunity to tell the Malaysians through the local media that the Palestinian people are steadfast and resisting occupation, as well as their standing on the land strongly.

“We ask for support from fellow friends, leaders of the Muslim Ummah and the rest of the world in gaining our rights back and ending Israel’s occupation,” he stressed.


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