Malaysian Animation Studio DinoHowl On Its STGCC Keyart


If you happen to be at the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC) next weekend, pay closer attention to the convention’s promotional keyart material as it is designed by Malaysian animation studio DinoHowl.

According to Lim Chin Hwa, co-founder and executive producer of DinoHowl, the company was approached by STGCC to come up with keyart for this year’s convention.

“The concept they gave us was quite interesting: They wanted us to create an illustration of a team of superheroes battling against a giant Merlion,” Lim said in an e-mail interview.

“It was quite challenging because there are a lot of characters involved, but we thoroughly enjoyed the process and are honoured to be representing Malaysia in this iconic pop culture event.”

DinoHowl was founded by a trio of friends who are “obsessed with the art of animation” – Lim, Tan Guan Tack and Leong Eng Kit.

“We are friends and colleagues from a previous company and our passion brought us together to pursue a new venture out of our comfort zone as artists. That’s how our studio started four years ago, and we are a team of six today,” he said.

The STGCC keyart designed by DinoHowl features a team of superheroes fighting a giant Merlion. Photo: Dinohowl

At its core, DinoHowl provides production services for clients who need 2D animation, concept art and illustrations.

“We also create opening videos, digital backdrop and infographics, etc for events.

“Our more noticeable work in Malaysia is the Ah Huat White Coffee animated commercial series where we designed the character ‘Ah Huat’,” Lim said.

“We have also animated for Astro, New Moon Abalone, Captain Oats and Axe Brand Medicated Oil to name a few.”

DinoHowl also produces animated shorts based on a cute gourmet hamster named Hammu.

DinoHowl also produces animated shorts based on a cute gourmet hamster named Hammu.

Besides doing commercial animations, DinoHowl also have a side project creating short animations for a webcomic named Hammu, a gourmet hamster who can bring food to life and interact with them.

The company is also currently working on its first original animated short film, Ik Ge, which it will be showing a sneak peek of at STGCC.

Ik Ge is about a young talented cook who has an ambitious dream of becoming a God’s cook,” Lim said, adding that he hopes to use his time at STGCC to attract animators and concept art talents to collaborate with them on the project.

“We will also be displaying some Hammu merchandise for guests to have a better feel of the comic. Our main goal is to showcase our studio and engage with guests in the art of animation, meet and learn from other incredible creators and, of course, to have fun!”

STGCC will be happening on Sept 8-9, at Marina Bay Sands Expo, Singapore.

This year, the convention will be celebrating the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s 10th anniversary with a guest line-up of Marvel creators and artists, including legendary artists Adi Granov and Arthur Adams and Marvel Studios’ head of visual development Ryan Meinerding​, who worked on movies like Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther.

For more information, visit the event website.

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