Meet Nirab Hossain, The Dashing Star Of Namewee’s ‘Banglasia 2.0’


Namewee’s film Banglasia 2.0 introduces Malaysian moviegoers to Nirab Hossain, a dashing model-turned-actor from Bangladesh.

He began his showbiz career as a model and had a successful run with commercials before dabbling in television and then on to films. The 35-year-old is now a sought-after actor in Bangladesh with 26 movie to his credit.

In Banglasia 2.0, Nirab plays a heroic gentleman of many talents, a jack of all trades whose myriad of skills are developed from working countless different jobs. The movie encourages us to appreciate the contributions of Bangladeshis who work with us to make our lives easier.

According to Namewee, who flew over to Bangladesh to conduct auditions, “Nirab was the handsomest of all the actors I met there and he was the only one who spoke English fluently. But more importantly, he was not like the others. He thought differently, and was keen to take on international projects and work on films outside of his comfort zone.”

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When the film was released, Nirab joined Namewee and the cast of Banglasia 2.0 to promote the film despite having a packed work schedule in Bangladesh. Having raked over RM1mil in its opening weekend at the Malaysian box office, Banglasia 2.0 is set to be dubbed and released in Bangladesh.

In a recent interview, Nirab says the film holds a special place in his heart.

Now that the film has finally made it in Malaysian cinemas after five years, how do you feel about it?

I’m very excited for the movie’s release in Malaysia. After waiting five years, it’s finally playing in 116 cinemas nationwide. That is the best part of it. I’m very happy to meet Malaysian movie lovers, after waiting for you many years. I hope everyone enjoys the movie.

Most of your projects have been in Dhallywood. What is the significance of Banglasia 2.0 on your career?

Banglasia 2.0 represents many firsts for me. It was the first film in my career that I got to shoot outside of Bangladesh. It is also the first time in my career to have one movie that is released outside of Bangladesh. It is my first international film, and it is the first time I did a film in a foreign language. I’ve done one Bollywood film, but this is an entirely different thing for me.

Bangladeshi actor Nirab Hossain stars in Namewee's Banglasia 2.0

Bangladeshi actor Nirab Hossain stars as a man of many talents in Namewee’s Banglasia 2.0. Photo: Handout

Banglasia 2.0 features over 10 languages and several translators had to facilitate communication on set. Even your character speaks several languages. How challenging was that?

Banglasia 2.0 was the first film I acted in a foreign language. Well, I did one Hindi film for Bollywood, but that language is not foreign to me. In Banglasia 2.0, the language was most challenging for me.

Moreover, I did not know a single word in Malay language. Actually, I only knew how to say one thing then; and that was “Abang, macam mana?” Namewee helped me a lot. It was all teamwork on the movie set. Without teamwork, nothing can happen in the world.

You have a lot of action scenes, some that needed wire work. Many of your Dhallywood films are also physically demanding. What’s your take on action cinema?

I do prefer action thriller films as it gives me an adrenaline rush when I shoot the action scenes.

What can you share about your upcoming projects?

I have just finished shooting the movie Abbas, directed by Saif Chandan. And, everybody in Bangladesh is very excited to see the teaser trailer and songs. Abbas is about the life of a terrorist, a very colourful character.

I’m doing another movie called Hridoy Jure. It’s a romantic film, and the heroine is from India. Another project I am signed to is with director Bandhan Biswas. The name of the movie is Officer Returns. In it, I play a cop for the first time.

Banglasia 2.0 is showing in cinemas nationwide.

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