Minister complains of Harapan supporters wanting to be headmasters


Education Minister Mahdzir Khalid today complained about teachers who are Pakatan Harapan supporters but want to become headmasters.

“There are two or three people who are problematic. They support Harapan and Bersatu… Some even wear (Harapan) clothes or write about it (on social media).

“Then they sit for National Professional Qualification for Educational Leaders (NPQEL) to become headmasters.

“But how is your relationship with the government?” he was quoted as saying by Sinar Harian in an event in Baling, Kedah today.

NPQEL is a necessary qualification in order to become a headmaster.

Mahdzir urged teachers not to go overboard in their political involvement.

“You want positions but at the same time you support (the opposition), display (your support) and slam (the government). Don’t go overboard,” he said.

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