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Sea battles, princely adventures, gloomy mansions and a love story: we look at four of the latest smartphone games. 

Pocket-sized sea battles 

After being stormed by the tanks of World Of Tanks, now battleships are now steaming onto the smartphone screen. In World Of Warships Blitz (Android/iOS) historic battleships meet in completely unhistorical battles. 

Each online skirmish pits two teams of seven players against each other. The ships are from Germany, Japan, the United States and the Soviet Union and more can be unlocked as the teams win points.  

The four ship types require different ways of playing: Destroyers are fast, but have no great firepower, with battleships it’s the other way around. 

Cruisers offer a balance between speed and firepower. Aircraft carriers can attack using their planes, but are helpless in close combat. Ships can also be upgraded to increase their combat value. 

World Of Warships Blitz is free to play but offers a host of optional in-game purchases such as exclusive ships. 

Big adventure on a small screen 

The classic Japanese role-playing game Final Fantasy has come in many versions and now there’s one for smartphones, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition (Android/iOS). In order to fit this large-scale game onto a smartphone, developer Square Enix has had to change quite a bit.  

Firstly, the story of Prince Noctis, who marries Princess Lunafreya and thus unites two kingdoms, is divided into 10 episodes. The rich graphics of the console version have been replaced by a manga look and the game controls have also been revised. 

However, in terms of content the original and the pocket version are identical and the whole adventure can now be experienced on a smartphone. The first episode is free and the complete game costs US$20 (RM78).  

Dark secrets in an abandoned mansion 

Three times already The Room has called players into a world full of puzzles. In the fourth part, The Room: Old Sins (Android/iOS), a high society couple disappears. 

The protagonist was working on a mysterious project that involved a valuable artifact. But where did they go and is the artifact still hidden somewhere in their abandoned mansion? 

Players explore the space thoroughly with intuitive touch controls and not only discover clues, but also come across many clever puzzles. 

Solving these often raises more questions, making the game more and more enthralling as it spreads slowly through the dark rooms. The story of The Room: Old Sins, which costs puzzle-lovers just a dollar (RM3.92), is well supported by its soundtrack and detailed graphics. 

A brief but moving story 

Florence (Android/iOS) is more like an interactive film than a game and the story really is one to be experienced rather than shaped. The protagonist Florence is 25-years-old and drifting through life. 

But this all changes when she meets someone and falls in love. To say more would be a spoiler, as this is a short game with a story that’s quickly told. Suffice it to say that after at most an hour’s play the player will likely come away feeling a little happier about life. 

Despite its brevity, Florence manages to arouse emotions. The story is emotionally narrated and accompanied by beautiful piano and string music while the graphics are cartoon-like. 

The gameplay is minimalist and designed not to hinder the narrative flow. The little puzzles the player encounters along the way are meaningful but not difficult. 

All in all, Florence is a lovingly designed gem which is absolutely worth the price of RM11.99. — dpa

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