Not just income declaration, asset declaration please


YOURSAY | ‘We want to see their net worth, not just their salaries.’

Guan Eng tops income list, Dr M comes in fourth after Saifuddin

Lakunan Tergendala: Thank you to all the MPs who have declared (their income). This is the first ever, and it only happened with Pakatan Harapan.

I guess if it was done in the previous government, everyone will fight for the prime minister or deputy prime minister posts. How many zeros behind the monthly income?

I am waiting for the voices from all the Datuk Seri, Tan Sri and Datuk from our opposition. What is your income? No worries, we understand if conservatively you declare only six digits!

Anonymous_3f4b: That is why people want to be politicians in a sitting government.

Throw out the old government at all cost thriving on the rakyat’s misery, dissatisfaction, disillusionment, disenchantment and grievances against the incumbent all for votes and a golden opportunity to earn riches which they can never get as an ordinary citizen.

At the end of the day, money rules and the low-end working class rakyat only get a paltry minimum wage increment of RM50.

Anonymous: Why declare salaries? What they must do since they “talk big” is declare assets. That’s the one everyone wants to know.

Idiocracy: As usual, the smaller parties with most ministers have not declared their assets. We want to see their net worth, not just their salaries. Asset declaration means net worth.

Pisang Goreng: So Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and others, are you going to rise to the occasion and make declarations for your entire family?

Notable absences in the list include MPs Azmin Ali, Nurul Izzah Anwar and Mukhriz Mahathir. Are these people able to put their mouth where their money is? Also, it is interesting to see declarations by percentage of party: DAP 52 percent, PKR 40 percent, Bersatu 31 percent, Amanah 27 percent.

Perhaps this can also be read as a measure of commitment to the reform agenda.

Anonymous_1424529323: This is not assets declaration. It is only monthly income declaration. Harapan needs to refer to PSM on real assets declaration.

Anon: Lim Guan Eng is an MP and a minister as well as being a state assemblyperson. Does he get any pension or gratuity for his previous post as Penang chief minister?

I’m surprised that Azmin, in a similar position, isn’t up there with him. Does Dr M’s total include his pension payments from his previous stint in power?

Kahlil Gibran: This is just an eyewash. Some of those on the list are far richer going by Internet sources that tell us that their wealth goes in the billions.

Once, Mahathir made a remark that a particular MB could be the richest person in Malaysia. So this declaration is nothing – it is not truly honest.

‘I can’t beat Guan Eng’ – Baru claims over declared RM108k income

Quigonbond: I don’t see what the fuss is about with Lim earning the most. Bear in mind this is not out of salary. This is probably out of his personal investments.

If anything, it’s good for the finance minister to be the most paid because it goes to show the potential that he makes the most out of Malaysian taxes. That said, can we believe Mahathir makes less per month?

I don’t even understand why the disclosure is in this manner. Is it to hide what their actual assets are (some assets are just for capital appreciation and hence does not add to monthly income) that those ex-Umno fat cats won’t need to show their actual asset value?

Rakyat Susah: I think ministers deserve to get this kind of pay. It’s never easy to manage the whole country.

Anonymous: I agree with Rakyat Susah. Ministers and MPs should get reasonable income versus the private sector’s, so they can “concentrate” on their work.

But all incomes must be transparent, no political appointees and they must perform.

Don’t forget ministers already enjoy tax-free and other benefits. The husband, wife and children must declare assets.

Royal Salute 21Y: If Nazir Razak, the former CEO of CIMB, made millions annually just to manage a bank, then ministers should be paid at least a million annually as they are managing a country.

Anonymous_2679c6e5: Everyone seems to be so taken up by the amount of salaries the ministers get. At these levels, they are not starving. And they are asking for more.

No wonder, there is so much jostling to be cabinet ministers and for other positions. They are there because of their positions in their political parties and not because of their abilities.

They seem to forget that the primary goal of the ministers and civil servants is public service and not money or titles. If they want more money, then go and get a proper job in the private sector and be assessed on your own merit.

It is doubtful whether some of them will be worth half as much. No one remembers the poor man in the street who ekes out a living each day to pay his income tax to finance the government.

The average salaried worker is taxed more and more to support the mounting pensions of deadwood in the political arena and civil service. If you want more, then prove your worth. That goes for all the ministers, deputies, and heads of departments.

Ruben: No problem, Works Minister Baru Bian. At least you declared compared to so many, especially in Umno and PAS plus also some in Pakatan Harapan who have not declared yet, such as Mukhriz.

Clever Voter: Declaration is no different from acknowledging and agreeing to code of ethics. More importantly, it’s the ethical values and culture that everyone embraces and follow religiously.

If the same people move away from the temptations of power, wealth and glory, we are halfway there.

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