Pedestrian-Friendly Cities Where You Can Walk For Fun


Munich in Germany, Kyoto in Japan and Bordeaux in France have been named some of the most beautiful, pedestrian-friendly tourism destinations in a new list compiled by

For the selection, the online reser-vation site teased out trends from the reviews of their 26 million travellers, who praised the walkable neighbourhoods of cities with ample green spaces, quaint and charming streets, and village-like feel.

Here are the selections:


The biggest pedestrian-friendly feature going for Munich is its English Garden, a sprawling park in the centre of the city that’s among the biggest in Europe, with its own lake, beer garden and Japanese tea salon.


Headed to Kyoto? Visitors recommend planning extra stroll time around the temple Kiyomizu-dera, where ancient sanctuaries and food stalls create a dynamic, animated street scene.


One of the best ways to take in the minimalist beauty of Scandinavian design is to stroll through the streets of Helsinki, a tribute to Finnish heritage.


Along with the city’s neoclassic architecture and majestic Pont de Pierre bridge, Bordeaux boasts the largest reflecting pool in the world at Place de la Bourse, the Water Mirror.


With its ancient cobblestone streets and narrow alleyways, off-limits to mobility of the motorised kind, the Italian city invites visitors to amble slowly and enjoy its distinctly Florentine beauty. A particular favourite is Ponte Vecchio, the only bridge that was spared during the German occupation of World War II.

Others on the list are New York (US), Perth (Australia), San Francisco (US), Vancouver (Canada) and Montevideo in Uruguay. – AFP Relaxnews

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