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The fluffy and adorable Akita Inu dogs are synonymous with the Japanese prefecture of the same name.

Now, thanks to the Dog View project – a collaboration between the city of Odate that is a part of the Akita prefecture, and Google – we can see certain areas of the city from the dogs’ point of view.

Odate, regarded as the birthplace of the mountain-dwelling dogs, is surrounded by beautiful, snow-capped mountains and lies partly within the borders of the Towada-Hachimantai National Park.

Two Akita dogs, named Ako and Asuka, were entrusted with the important job of playing tour guides in Odate, and with cameras attached to dog-friendly harnesses, they travelled to many interesting places in the city, and highlighted canine-related tourist attractions as well.

Viewers can virtually visit the Akita Inu Museum, Roken “Old Dog” Shrine and even see the statue built in honour of the most popular Akita of all time – Hachiko. For those who don’t know, Hachiko the dog famously waited for its master each day at a Tokyo railway station for nine years, even after the man’s death.

Follow Ako and Asuka as they guide you through a snowy mountain trail and even visit Odate’s open air hot spring foot bath. Just lookout for the fluffy head and tail in the images in Google Maps if you want to see Odate from the Akitas’ point of view.

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