Several Perlis Umno members expected to join Bersatu


Perlis Bersatu today claimed that several Umno leaders in the state are expected to join the party soon and the possibility of a state election to be called.

Its secretary Wan Saiful Wan Jan said this followed several meetings with the Umno leaders concerned and there were positive signs of them leaving the party.

“They will join Bersatu soon, but I cannot reveal their names yet. We are prepared to accept them,” he told a media conference after visiting Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Perlis which was damaged in a storm last Monday.

Wan Saiful said based on information and sentiment of the people in Perlis, they wanted a change and the state government under Umno had failed to do so.

He also claimed that Menteri Besar Azlan Man failed to convince the Umno members as he, himself, did not get the support of the majority.

“MB (menteri besar) only on paper. Where are the plans to develop Perlis and improve the state’s economy,” he said.

The Perlis state assembly comprises eight representatives from Umno, MCA (1), PAS (2), PKR (3) and Independent (1).


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