S’gor PAS prays for destruction of ‘evil Pakatan’


Selangor PAS held a solat hajat (intercessory prayer) in Shah Alam tonight to pray for its victory in the state, as well as the destruction of an “evil Pakatan”.

Selangor PAS leader Ahmad Dusuki Abd Rani, who led the prayer, likened the upcoming confrontation in the 14th general election (GE14) to the Prophet Muhammad-era Battle of the Trench, when a confederation of pagan Arabs from Mecca laid siege to Medina.

Among the doa (supplications) he read out after the prayers include:

“O Allah, we beseech thee, for so long Selangor has been ruled in a godless way. Give PAS the chance to rule Selangor, give us the chance to show the beauty of your religion on this blessed land.

“This congregation has been betrayed by those who stole our seats O Allah, how they need to be punished. Verily you are the best to punish them…

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