Suspect ignites petrol, killing victim while burning himself and two others – Nation


KUALA LUMPUR: The fire which killed one person at a  Sentul workshop on Tuesday (July 31) was the result of a heated argument.

“At around 8pm yesterday (July 31), the victim was in the shop’s office with her husband,” said Sentul OCPD Asst Comm R. Munusamy on August 1 when contacted.

“The suspect came in to meet the victim to discuss some matters. Not long after, the victim called her worker who was outside the shop to remove him from the premises.

“The suspect ran to his motorcycle and brought out a container believed to be filled with petrol. He went back into the shop and sprayed the petrol at the direction of the victim. Efforts to stop the suspect were unfruitful, before he ignited the fuel with a lighter,” said ACP Munusamy.

The ensuing fire killed the 51-year old victim, while also burning her husband, a worker and the suspect. The survivors suffered 46%, 11% and 53% burns on their bodies respectively.

Efforts by the police to interview the suspect and the victim’s husband are still underway.

“Their statements have yet to be recorded because both were still unconscious. The motive is still being investigated,” he said.

The fire engulfed the workshop, prompting the Fire and Rescue department to mobilise six fire trucks and 34 personnel to the scene.

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