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Intriguing indie games Kingdom Two Crowns and Desert Child start off the week in the company of alien bug hunter Earth Defense Force 5, followed by squad-based military simulation multiplayer Insurgency: Sandstorm and then pretty, emotional growth platformer Gris and the very long-awaited Below.

Kingdom Two Crowns
For WinPC from Dec 11; PS4, XBO and Switch TBA

The side-scrolling kingdom building and combat franchise heads to Japan’s Shogun era with focus on dynastic success and an optional two-player multiplayer. Keep hold of your crown to retain your kingdom.

Desert Child
For PS4, XBO, Switch and WinPC from Dec 11

As a young and talented hoverbike racer, you’ll win races, deliver pizzas, hunt bounties and explore cities to pay your rent and somehow get through to the Martian Grand Prix.

Earth Defense Force 5
For PlayStation 4 from Dec 11 (since December 2017 in Japan)

Return to the front line and save the world from hordes of enormous insect aliens who, this time out, are joined by intelligent humanoid enemies over the course of 100-plus missions with two-player splitscreen and four-person online multiplayer.

Insurgency: Sandstorm
For PC and Mac from Dec 12; PS4 and Xbox One in 2019

Realism-oriented squad shooter with an emphasis on audio and visual awareness; as a result, 2014’s Insurgency was known for its intensity. Though a once-planned story mode is absent, this sequel brings three online team versus modes and an objective-based co-op checkpoint challenge.

For Nintendo Switch and WinPC from Dec 13

Already received as one of the best and most beautiful games of the year, Gris sends a young girl on a journey through a world of sorrow; as she grows emotionally, she can better perceive the world around her and unlock new paths and abilities.

For Xbox One and Windows PC from Dec 14

Well-anticipated since its 2013 reveal many moons ago, Below sends players deep within an underground warren, different every time, to discover its dangers and secrets. Also included with an Xbox Game Pass subscription. – AFP Relaxnews

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