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Spooky goings-on, an island of puzzles and a search for the meaning of life – the latest smartphone games will have you scratching your head and stroking your beard in no time.

A machine searching for the meaning of life

An abandoned world full of spectacular buildings, a humanoid machine in dialogue with its creator and the question of meaning: these are the ingredients of The Talos Principle.

In this first-person puzzle game, players slip into the artificial skin of a humanoid machine and find themselves in a world with lots of evidence of human activity but no sign of actual people.

It’s a place crammed with puzzles, but the biggest mystery is the question of the protagonist’s own existence.

A disembodied creator regularly speaks and gives hints, but this only raises more questions. Where are we? Why are we here? What’s all this about?

In order to answer them, lasers must be controlled, traps disabled and doubles generated. After an easy start, things quickly become tricky, with many philosophical texts and references.

The Talos Principle (Android and iOS) costs £5.49 (RM27).

StrangerThings TV show now has a game

The second season of Stranger Things was recently released by Netflix. The show is set in the small town of Hawkins in the 1980s, a place where weird things happen.

A child disappears and there are odd goings-on at a mysterious lab. It’s up to the local kids to search for clues.

Stranger Things: The Game is an action adventure in the style of the old Zelda games. The people and places that appear will be familiar to fans of the show, but this free game will also be enjoyed by those who haven’t watched the series but like retro graphics and Zelda-like adventures.

Puzzle fun for adventure fans

When Jonathan Blow released the surprise hit Braid in 2008, he quickly became a star on the developer scene. The puzzle platformer game was outrageously good and triggered a boom in independent games.

In 2016, his second title, The Witness, appeared for the Playstation 4. Now, it’s arrived for iOS devices too.

The game begins without much explanation on an island full of puzzles. After the first simple puzzle in a cave, things quickly become more complex.

After the cave, the island is ready for exploration. It’s huge and varied – there are deserts, forests, swamps and temples.

Everywhere, there are puzzles to discover, some of which are interconnected and form entire networks. Occasionally, one is reminded of the mystery classic Myst. Anyone who wants to reveal the secrets of the island will have to spend £10.99 (RM54). — dpa

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