What annoys the hell out of Malaysian travellers?


Malaysians absolutely hate travellers who show no respect for local culture, according to a recent survey on irritating travel-related habits.

In the Annoying Travel Habits study conducted by travel platform Agoda, insensitivity to cultural nuances rank high among Malaysians (60%). Noisy travellers come in at a close second with 56%.

Meanwhile, millennial travellers better watch out – travellers who are glued to their devices are the third most annoying habit for Malaysian travellers (51%).

Of all age groups, Malaysian travellers aged 55 and older are the least tolerant of noisy travellers (74%). And perhaps not surprising, 18 to 24-year-old folks spend the most time on their devices each day (243 minutes versus 218 minutes for all respondents).

The study polled 10,384 people online, with Malaysians making up 1,002 of those respondents.

On a global scale, the pet peeve rank changes, though not by much. Noisy travellers come in first (57%), followed by travellers glued to their devices (47%) and those insensitive to cultural beliefs (46%).

Mass tour groups and selfie-takers, cited by 36% and 21% respectively, completed the top five irritants.

Chinese travellers seemingly have the highest tolerance for selfie-takers, with only 12% of Chinese respondents irritated by selfie-takers compared to Australians who are on the other end of the tolerance spectrum with nearly a third (31%) citing holiday selfie-takers as annoying.

Like Malaysians, cultural sensitivity is also important among Singaporeans (63%), Filipinos (61%), Chinese (21%) and Thai (27%) travellers.

But when it comes to dependence on smartphones, almost half of the global respondents (47%) cited grievances.

Compared to travellers from other countries, the Vietnamese find those glued to their devices the most annoying (59%). Thai travellers, on the other hand, have the most relaxed attitude (31%) towards constant device usage on holiday.

The survey was conducted by independent market research firm YouGov among travellers from Britain, United States, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and China. Respondents are those who have been on holiday at least once in the past year.

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