Why can’t our wives afford Birkin handbags?


YOURSAY | ‘Be strong, Sheila Majid. The rakyat agree with you.’

‘How come RM888 tickets sold out if M’sians suffering?’

Clever Voter: It’s quite obvious that the establishment wouldn’t like to hear the truth. Jazz queen Sheila Majid is not expressing her own opinions but that of the majority of the citizens.

Doesn’t this tell us that Umno is out of touch, and yet it claims to represent the nation? It’s about time more celebrities speak out.

Léon Moch: Rizal Mansor (aide to PM’s wife Rosmah Mansor), did all 30 million Malaysians buy tickets to Sheila’s concert?

Surely those who bought the tickets cannot be said to be representative of all Malaysians. If so, one can claim that all Malaysians are billionaires as some of them appear in the country’s billionaires list.

Anonymous_3ef7: How can someone like him equate the sale of tickets to our cost of living? What Sheila said is so true as to what is happening to many of us.

Anonymous 2460541488536656: Apparently, Rizal does not know that Malaysia has one of the highest gaps between the rich and the poor.

Hamzah Paiman: Rizal, since the economy is so bad, the highest they could charge for a Sheila Majid ticket was RM888.

By right, the tickets could have been sold higher, perhaps at RM1,888. That is why the entertainers are all unhappy.

Anonymous_3e86: Of course, there are many who can still afford to pay for such expensive concert tickets. But a lot more are feeling the pinch and cannot afford even to pay their house rents.

Anonymous 2436471476414726: Be strong, Sheila. The rakyat agree with you.

TV host Azwan Ali said Umno does not need entertainers’ support. So why get so riled up by some honest comments from Sheila?

Rizal said no government would want to see its people suffer. But Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) allegedly stole the rakyat’s money by the billions.

Patriot1: The Musang King durian is selling at RM60 to RM80 per kilogramme. Does it mean that our economy is good? For many Malaysians, one kilo of Musang King feeds the whole family for a full day.

It’s better to keep your mouth shut and let people assume you’re a fool rather than to open your mouth and confirm the fact.

Senior Citizen: Rizal, when your boss can afford to buy millions ringgit worth of jewellery, it does not mean the rakyat are rich and the country’s economy is good.

Simple Malaysian: Indeed, if Malaysians are not suffering, why can’t all our wives afford Birkin handbags and pink diamonds?

Is this man so out of touch with the people? Please use some common sense before speaking out.

Rupert16: Of course, with Rizal’s boss and other Umno leaders allegedly living lavishly through ill-gotten public funds, what do they know about the economic hardship that is being endured by the ordinary rakyat?

Justice for Malaysia: Some people can visit hairdressers and pay RM1,200 to get their hair done, and buy handbags costing thousands of ringgit.

How many can afford that kind of spending? Can Ahmad’s, Ah Chong’s and Muthu’s wife afford them, and not forgetting diamonds? Rizal, you tell us.

Anonymous#26191220: Why bash our diva queen for speaking up? How about Jho Low’s licentious and wild party with socialite Paris Hilton and her well-heeled friends, allegedly fully funded by 1MDB?

Anonymous 767061504497195: When the late Bob Hope performed here, the tickets were priced at RM20,000 and the cheapest was RM3,000. It was a packed house.

Malaysians would rather pay RM888 to see Sheila than to watch a bunch of monkeys who talk nonsense at the Umno general assembly.

Vgeorgemy: The pricing of the premium ticket of RM888, inclusive of GST (goods and services tax), reflects the lower purchasing power of our population.

Sheila’s concerts in the 1990s could have easily sold for RM1,500 for premium tickets with a minimum of RM100.

Goonie: Robert and Grace Mugabe lived a life of luxury. By Rizal’s logic, most of the people in Zimbabwe should be very rich.

I have been to the country and the opposite is true. Most people there live in abject poverty. Hospitals in Zimbabwe very often run out of bandages and medicine.

Anonymous 2460391489930458: Since when has it been an offence for a famous artiste to express her opinion?

Anyone can offer their opinion, right? So why not Sheila Majid?

And by the way, the people who are paying for the RM888 premium seats are probably Umno cronies themselves.

Salvage Malaysia: History has shown us time and time again of fallen leaders and empires because they stopped listening to the people.

Wondering why some people just don’t learn from history?

Anonymous 568201438363345: I’m waiting for the backlash from the average Malaysian – the low and middle-class people. Their hardship is real.

Our country is currently governed by the worst kleptocrat in history, as US attorney-general Jeff Sessions put it in his speech at a world forum on kleptocracy.

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